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Ainmean-Àite na h-Alba (AÀA) ~ Gaelic Place-Names of ~ is the national advisory partnership for Gaelic place-names in Scotland. Our purpose is to agree correct forms of Gaelic place-names for maps, signs and general use.

We have published two sets of guidance on Gaelic place-names and their orthography (spelling system). These have been recognized as the accepted standard by the main users of Gaelic place-names - local authorities, Ordnance Survey and other public bodies. You can download them in PDF format by clicking in the links below.

Gaelic Names Liaison Committee: Orthographic Principles, January 2006

This sets out principles for the use and spelling of Gaelic in place-names. It builds on guidance given in the Scottish Qualifications Authority's Gaelic Orthographic Conventions (2005) to cover more of the special cases that occur in place-names.

Ainmean-Àite na h-Alba: Gaelic Street-names guidance, June 2006

This provides specific guidance to those responsible for deciding Gaelic forms of street-names. It includes translations of the common elements used in street-names such as avenue, road etc. The latest version (2009) of Gaelic Orthographic Conventions is available in English and Gaelic from here.

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