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English nameKingussie
Gaelic nameCeann a' Ghiùthsaich
Meaningthe end of the pine wood
Genitive formCheann a' Ghiùthsaich

Location and type of place name

LocationBadenoch & Strathspey, Highland
Local authorityHighland ~ A’ Ghàidhealtachd
Parish post 1891
County post 1891Inverness-shire ~ Siorrachd Inbhir Nis
Topographical feature type
Postcode areaPH21
OS sheet number
OS grid referenceNH756006
Type of namePlace ~ Àite


Element meaningG ceann ~ end, head; giùthsach ~ pine wood
Element type

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Further Information

Language notes 
Chinne-ghiùbhsaich An Fhianuis
Cinn a Ghiusaich Dieckhoff 1932
Cinn a' Ghiùthsaich Sorley MacLean 'Do Uilleam MacMhathain'
Additional info"The name of this parish is variously and somewhat indiscriminately rendered. Cinn Ghiùbhsaich, Cinne Ghiùbhsaich, Cinn-a-Ghiùbhsaich, Cinn a' Ghiùbhsaich, Ceann-a-Ghiùbhsaich, are some of the forms given to it in literature. The second is probably the best." Sinton, Poetry of Badenoch, 70

The spelling of Cinn as Ceann in an unstressed position is as per the principles, as is the spelling of giùthsach. Whilst the latter term is usually feminine, it is clearly masculine in this name.
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