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English nameKinbrace
Gaelic nameCeann a' Bhràiste
Meaning?head of the upland
Genitive formCeann a' Bhràist

Location and type of place name

LocationSutherland, Highland
Local authorityHighland ~ A’ Ghàidhealtachd
Parish post 1891
County post 1891Sutherland ~ Cataibh
Topographical feature type
Postcode areaKW11
OS sheet number
OS grid referenceNC862316
Type of namePlace ~ Àite


Element meaningG ceann ~ head; bràist ~ poss. from 'bràighe' = upland
Element type

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Further Information

Language notes
Cinn-a'-bhraiste Memorabilia Domestica, 1899, 62
Cinn a Bhràiste Robertson
G Cinn-bhràist the site of the station is properly ach-neagain (John Mackay 16 Ap. 1903) Watson notebook CW9

The full quote in Memorabilia Domestica is:
“Of these, the largest is the remains of a castle, once the principal residence, in Sutherlandshire, of the chief of the clan Gunn, known in 1489, under the title of the “Crùn-f'hear,” or the “crown-laird.” This potent baron, the lineal descendant of Olaf of Dungesby in Caithness, a native of Orkney, had his principal castle at Halbury on the Caithness coast, but at the period mentioned, had obtained lands from the Earl of Sutherland. Those lands extended from the middle of the Strath of Kildonan, on the east side of the river, to the extreme limits of the present parish to the N.W. and N.E., where it marches with Lord Reay's country and the county of Caithness. As a sign of his rank under the Government, the chief wore on his breast a large gold brooch, the badge of his office; and in reference both to his office and to his dignity, the Highlanders styled him "Am Bràisteach Mòr," literally, “the dignitary of the brooch.” His residence therefore in Kildonan came to be named after him, "Cinn-a'-bhraiste" (Kinbrace), or the “seat of the dignitary of the brooch.” His castle, now a heap of stones, stood to the N.W. of Kinbrace.” Memorabilia Domestica, 1899, 62-3

Dwelly gives bràist as feminine.
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