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English nameTongue
Gaelic nameTunga
Genitive formThunga

Location and type of place name

LocationSutherland, Highland
Local authorityHighland ~ A’ Ghàidhealtachd
Parish post 1891
County post 1891Sutherland ~ Cataibh
Topographical feature typeSettlement ~ Tuineachadh
Post townLAIRG
Postcode areaIV27
OS sheet number448
OS grid referenceNC5956
Type of namePlace ~ Àite


Element meaning
Element type

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Further Information

Language notes
SourcesLands of Towng 1529 RSS ii, 624
Towng 1551 RSS iv, 1371
Towng 1555 RSS iv, 3060
Towng 1565 RMS iv, 1635
TVNG c. 1591 Pont map 2r
Tung c. 1591 Pont map 2v
Toung 1616 Retours (Sutherland) 4

Tunga Tung-g Robertson Collection MS358, 52
Tunga Dwelly 1912
Braetongue: Bràigh Thung': S. Grannd Faclair
Caolas Tung': S. Grannd Faclair

According to Robertson and Grannd the name lenites in the genitive (except after s).
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