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English nameHilton of Cadboll
Gaelic nameBaile a’ Chnuic
Meaningthe farm of the hill

Location and type of place name

LocationEaster Ross, Highland
Local authorityHighland ~ A’ Ghàidhealtachd
Parish post 1891Fearn Parish
County post 1891Ross and Cromarty ~ Ros is Cromba
Topographical feature typeSettlement ~ Tuineachadh
Post townTAIN
Postcode areaIV20
OS sheet number438
OS grid referenceNH871763
Type of namePlace ~ Àite


Element meaningG baile ~ town; cnoc ~ hill
Element type

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Further Information

Language notesG nom. sg. baile, masc. ‘town’ + gen. sg. masc. def. art. a’ (leniting) + lenited gen. sg. of cnoc, masc. ‘hill’ = ‘the farm of the hill’
Balnaknock 1479 ER viii 261
Balnknock 1479 ER viii 261
Balnaknok 1526 ER xv 374
Hiltoun c. 1590 Pont map 20
Balnaknock 1610 RMS vii no. 409
terras de Hiltoun in vulgo Bellachnoik 1611 RMS vii no. 499
Hilton 1730 Wade’s Military Maps of Scotland
Hiltown 1791-1799 OSA (Fearn), 380
Hilton 1820 Thomson
Hilton 1747-55 Roy
G. bail’ a’ chnuic. Watson 1904, 41
Baile Chnuic TSR
Bail’ a’ Chnuic aig Cathabul
Baile a’ Chnuic Mac an Tàilleir
Additional infoThe Cadboll identifier in the English version of the name is not necessary for the path sign, since it is at some distance from the other Hiltons.
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