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English nameBreachacha
Gaelic nameBreacachadh

Location and type of place name

Local authorityArgyll & Bute ~ Earra-Ghàidheal & Bòd
Parish post 1891
County post 1891Argyll & Bute ~ Earra-Ghàidheal & Bòd
Topographical feature typeSettlement ~ Tuineachadh
Post townColl
Postcode areaPA78
OS sheet number
OS grid referenceNM159538
Type of namePlace ~ Àite


Element meaning 
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Further Information

Language notes 
SourcesBreacachadh is generally considered to derive from 'breac achadh - speckled field', although PNC (p.327) also gives 'Brochacha', referring to the two castles, one ancient and one more modern.: Hyne dissertation

Breachacha, to-day pr. Breacacha, spotted field. In Martin it is Braki. We also find Brakalli, Brakauch. But Mr Johnston, Coll, says the old people maintained it was originally Brochacha or the like, referring to a broch or borg, or fort. : MacEchern, Place-names of Coll, Transactions, 1906

Breacachadh: MacDougall & Cameron, 1938, map
Tha 'm Breacachadh na fiachalachd: Na Baird Thirisdeach, early 19th C, Orain do Thighearna Chola, 39 [‘m Breac-achadh in ‘Na Baird Leathanaich’]
Ann am Breacachadh thall ud: Na Bàird Leathanaich, Do Thighearna Òg Chola, 69
Breachacha: Place-name Survey Map ARG 50 [the area of land including and to the south of the settlement Breachacha but all the way to Port Garbh ]

I suspect the form folk etymology has come into play here. The map form is Breachacha seems at odds with all the other forms. The name books give no authorities for this spelling.
Additional infoBreachacha beach ~ Tràigh Bhreacachaidh
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