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English nameKilliecrankie
Gaelic nameCoille Chnagaidh

Location and type of place name

Local authorityPerth and Kinross ~ Peairt is Ceann Rois
Parish post 1891
County post 1891Perthshire ~ Siorrachd Pheairt
Topographical feature typeSettlement ~ Tuineachadh
Post townPitlochry
Postcode areaPH16
OS sheet number
OS grid referenceNN914628
Type of namePlace ~ Àite


Element meaning 
Element type

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Language notes 
SourcesKeil y chreni: 1699 Edward Lhuyd
‘Oran air Cath Coille-chreithnich’ : Poem by Eoin MacAilein c. 1733
Coille Chnagaidh: c. 1763 Songs of John MacCodrum [original in an t-Oraniache]
Coille chnagai: 1820 MacIntyre’s Etymological Dictionary
Coill’-chreanaich: 1844 A’ Bhan-rìgh aig Blàr an Adhall
Coille-Chragaidh [footnote reads Coille-chnagaidh?] 1864 Eigh Bho Chreag-Eileachaidh
Coille-Chnagaidh: Highland Songs of the Forty-five
Coille Chnagaidh, also Coill' a' Chreathnaich [different parts]: Dwelly
Coille-chreathnaich: 1912 The school Gaelic Dictionary, MacFarlane
Coill’ a Chrèanaich: Robertson [è here is actually an e and a tilde, which marks nasalisation]
coill' chrunngaich, killye-χrãki, coill' chrenich: Diack MS2276
Coill’ chrunngaich, coill’ chrenich: Diack Inscriptions, 187
Cille-chrăgaidh – doubtful – Gaelic influenced English pronunciation: Watson CW Collection
Coille Chreithnich or Coille Chneagaidh: Mac an Tàilleir
Coille Chnagaidh: Storlann

There are two current forms here Coille Chnagaidh and Coille Chreanaich. Dwelly’s comment that the two names relate to different parts is unfortunately uncorroborated. Coille Chnagaidh has been chosen in this case by the other form is seen as well.
Additional infoThe battleground for the Battle of Killiecrankie is Raon Ruairidh
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