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English nameFaskally
Gaelic nameFascallaidh

Location and type of place name

Local authorityPerth and Kinross ~ Peairt is Ceann Rois
Parish post 1891
County post 1891Perthshire ~ Siorrachd Pheairt
Topographical feature type
OS sheet number
OS grid referenceNN917601
Type of name


Element meaning 
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Language notes 
SourcesFascallie 1598 Pitcairns Criminal Trials Vol II p. 63
Old Fascalie 1723 Stobie
Fasklie 1732 Commissariot of Dunkeld p.43
Faskilly 1751 Commissariot of Dunkeld p.26
Faskelly 1755 Commissariot of Dunkeld p. 40

Fascallaidh MS372 Robertson Collection p. 66

?G em>fas, ‘station’ + * em>calla(i)dh, obscure element

The variation in the vowel in the second syllable suggests stress falls on the first syllable. Although not mentioned by Watson in his article on fas (Watson 2002 p. 108-112), his definition of this term as ‘a level piece of ground suitable for resting’ seems suitable here. Compare with nearby Foss and Brae of Foss. The cluster –sc- is spelled rather than -sg- so because it reflects an element boundary, although the meaning of the second element is not clear.
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