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English nameBrae of Foss
Gaelic nameBràigh Fasaidh

Location and type of place name

Local authorityPerth and Kinross ~ Peairt is Ceann Rois
Parish post 1891
County post 1891Perthshire ~ Siorrachd Pheairt
Topographical feature type
OS sheet number
OS grid referenceNN753556
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Language notes 
SourcesBràigh Fasaidh Watson 1928 p. 500
Bràigh Fasaidh Watson 2002 (1911) p. 109

G bràigh, nom. sg. masc. ‘upper part’ + gen. sg. of en. fasadh, masc. ‘station’ = ‘the upper part of Fasadh’

See Dwelly 2002, who discusses the confusion between fas and fasadh in Scottish Gaelic, which can be seen between the name Foss and Brae of Foss. It is possible that Foss (Am Fas) was originally fasadh or fasach:

Wester Fosseiche 1306 x 1329 Robertson’s Index 106
Easter Fossache 1329 x 1371 Robertson’s Index 21
Estir Fossach 1370 Robertson’s Index 259
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