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English nameFaraid Head
Gaelic nameRubha na Faraid

Location and type of place name

Local authorityHighland ~ A’ Ghàidhealtachd
Parish post 1891
County post 1891Sutherland ~ Cataibh
Topographical feature type
OS sheet number
OS grid referenceNC389718
Type of name


Element meaning 
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Language notes 
Farret c. 1591 Pont map 1
Farritt c. 1591 Pont map 2 front
Row na Farriff c. 1591 Pont map 2 front
Farrid or Far out head 1832 Burnett
Far out head 1820 Thomson
An Fharaid modern OS maps

n’ Fharaid: 1905 ‘Oran nan Eilean’ a Gaelic song (Captain Wm. Morrison ‘Fearchur Leighich’ Celtic Review vol II

“Farrid Head. Ordnance survey map etymologises this into far-out-head! The Gaelic is an fhairid, am faire aite,
the watch-place.” Gunn, Sutherland and Reay Country

An Fhairid an Fharaid Robertson Collection MS358, 34
Rubha na Farai(r)d Watson 2002 (1906), 62
An Fharaid: Seumas Grannd 2007

Nearby are Cleach Bheag and Mhòr na Faraid.
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