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English nameKilmaurs
Gaelic nameCill Mhàrais

Location and type of place name

Local authorityEast Ayrshire ~ Siorrachd Àir an Ear
Parish post 1891
County post 1891
Topographical feature type
OS sheet number
OS grid reference
Type of namePlace ~ Àite


Element meaning 
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Language notes 
ecclesiam de Kilmauro c.1174 Kel. Lib. i no. 283
ecclesiam de Kilmaurum 1195 RRS ii no. 379 [confirmed to Kelso Abbey]
ecclesiam de Kilmauru’ 1232 Kel. Lib. i no. 279 [tilde over final u, not the usual nasal
suspension mark]
ecclesiam de Kilmaur’ 1245 Kel. Lib. i no. 281 [‘in Cunygha’]
ecclesia de Kilmauros 1246 Kel. Lib. i no. 282 [‘in Cunygham’]
ecclesi de Kilmauro XXXX Kel. Lib. i no. 284
ecclesiam de Kilmauro XXXX Kel. Lib. i no. 285
ecclesiam de Kilmauro XXXX Kel. Lib. i no. 286 [‘de Cynigham’]
(our kirklands of our kirk of) Kylmavris 1506 Kel. Lib. ii no. 535

Cill Maurs 1907 Am Fèillire, 46
Thanks to Simon Taylor for the early forms. Although the identity of the saint here is not clear, the proposed form fits with the early forms best, in terms of lenition and slenderisation seen in other male saints' names.
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