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English nameBlantyre
Gaelic nameBlantaidhr

Location and type of place name

LocationSouth Lanarkshire
Local authority
Parish post 1891
County post 1891Lanarkshire ~ Siorrachd Lannraig
Topographical feature typeSettlement ~ Tuineachadh
Post townGLASGOW
Postcode areaG72
OS sheet number
OS grid referenceNS685575
Type of namePlace ~ Àite


Element meaning 
Element type

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Language notes 
Blantir 1289 Act. Parl
Blauntyr 1319 Munimenta Ecclesie Sancte Crucis 91, p. 80
de Blanntyre 1368-9 RMS i, no. 291
baronias de Blauntyre 1373-75 RMS i, no. 609
baronias de Blauntyre 1373-75 RMS i, no. 704
Blantyr 1426 RMS ii, no. 65
baronia de Blantire 1426 RMS ii, no. 66
terras de Blantyre 1472 RMS ii, no. 1064
baronie de Blantyre 1474 RMS ii, no.1175
baronie de Blantyre 1478 RMS ii, no. 1372
baroniam de Blantyr 1479 RMS ii, no. 1423
Blantyre, baroniam de Blantire 1503 RMS ii, no. 2692
Blantyre 1583 RMS vi, no. 596
Blantyre 1639 Retours (Lanark) 198
Blantyre 1643 Retours (Lanark) 212
Blantyr 1686 Retours (Lanark) 369
Additional infoWikipedia gives Baile an t-Saoir but there is no evidence for this in current or historical usage.
See BLITON which proposes a British name: blajn for the first element. -tīr, the P-Celtic cognate of Gaelic tìr, land, is proposed here for the second element, as well as suggested by Nicolaisen, Names of Towns and Cities in Britain. Names ending in –tyre pronounced ‘tyre’ in English/SSE of Gaelic can have an underlying –t(a)ir or tìr. There is the name Kintyre, which rhymes with Blantyre in English and contains tìr. The other angle is the name Altyre ~ Àiltir which if used as a parallel might allow something like Blanntair or Blann-Tir. This would come under “by translation with Gaelic cognates”.
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