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English nameThurso Street
Gaelic nameSràid Inbhir Theòrsa

Location and type of place name

LocationPartick, Glasgow
Local authorityGlasgow City ~ Baile Ghlaschu
Parish post 1891
County post 1891City of Glasgow ~ Baile Ghlaschu
Topographical feature typeRoad/Track ~ (Frith)Rathad
Post townGLASGOW
Postcode areaG11
OS sheet number342
OS grid referenceNS5566
Type of nameStreet ~ Sràid


Element meaningG sràid ~ street + inbhir ~ confluence; Theòrsa ~ Norse river name
Element type

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Further Information

Language notesG nom. sg. sràid fem. ~ street; inbhir, masc. ‘confluence’ + gen. sg. of *T(h)eòrsa Norse river name
SourcesThis was Queen St. in 1913. This is obviously named after Thurso ~ Inbhir Theòrsa.
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