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English namePartick Bridge Street
Gaelic nameSràid Drochaid Phàrtaig

Location and type of place name

LocationPartick, Glasgow
Local authorityGlasgow City ~ Baile Ghlaschu
Parish post 1891
County post 1891City of Glasgow ~ Baile Ghlaschu
Topographical feature typeRoad/Track ~ (Frith)Rathad
Post townGLASGOW
Postcode areaG11
OS sheet number342
OS grid referenceNS5566
Type of nameStreet ~ Sràid


Element meaningG sràid ~ 'street'; drochaid ~ 'bridge'; Pàrtaig ~ Partick
Element typewater associated (except marsh)

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Further Information

Language notesG nom. sg. sràid fem., street + nom. sg. drochaid fem., bridge + gen. dg. en. Pàrtaig, Partick
Sources"In 1136 (the first written mention of the name Partick) King David granted Partick to the Bishop of Glasgow who at some time built the Bishop or Town Mill at the ford where Bishop Mill Court, a converted 19th century mill building, stands today opposite the foot of Partick Bridge Street. A bridge was built over the Kelvin at this point sometime before 1577. There are no remains of the Castle (his summer residence) that he built nearby.

The bridge and the mill were approached from Glasgow via what is now Old Dumbarton Road, which also led to the ferry and ford across the Clyde between the villages of Partick and Govan. After crossing Partick Bridge this road became the highway from Glasgow to Dumbarton. Now Dumbarton Road, it didn't go through the small village, but passed to the north of it."
From The Glasgow Story, Bill Spalding: Neighbourhoods: Partick
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