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English nameBalephuil
Gaelic nameBaile a' Phuill
Meaningtown of mud

Location and type of place name

LocationTiree, Inner Hebrides
Local authorityArgyll & Bute ~ Earra-Ghàidheal & Bòd
Parish post 1891
County post 1891Argyll & Bute ~ Earra-Ghàidheal & Bòd
Topographical feature typeSettlement ~ Tuineachadh
Postcode areaPA77
OS sheet number372
OS grid referenceNL958404
Type of namePlace ~ Àite


Element meaningG baile, ‘town’ + a’ poll, mud
Element type

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Further Information

Language notesG nom. sg. baile, masc. ‘town’ + gen. sg. masc. def. art. a’ (leniting) + lenited gen. sg. poll
SourcesBalefuil 1654 Blaeu Baile Phuill: Brownlie Literally ‘the town of mud’ evidently in connection with Loch a’ Phuill, which is less than a mile to the north: Beveridge, 1903, 93

Bail' a' phuill: MacDougall & Cameron, 1938, 104
Baile Phuill: Carmina Gadelica vol iii, 190

Also in the song Fuadach Bhaile a' Phuil and elsewhere.
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